Privacy is an important consideration for David Kirrene Real Estate. We are, therefore, committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to this site. Our Privacy Policy is designed to ensure your identity is kept private by our not collecting personal information about you.

No Personal Information Required
To use our site, you will not be required to provide us with personal information. You will not be tracked nor entered into any database. If you choose to send us email messages, we will use the messages only to respond to them and will not share them with anyone, unless you give us explicit permission to do so or by order of an appropriate court of law directing us to do so. If you wish to join our mailing lists, we will keep only the minimum information necessary to operate the mailing lists.

General Information
When you log on and request information from a website, such as ours, the web server uses your IP address to communicate with you, and this minimal information is always retained for a period of time on our server. Your computer can be identified from the IP address while you are connected to the Internet, although it normally would not identify you individually as the user. We do not use any services that try to match an IP address to an individual. As a matter of course, our site will automatically gather certain general information such as the number of visitors on the site and the most frequently visited areas. However, this information will only exist in aggregate and cannot be used to identify you in any way. We use this aggregate information to try to improve the site, making it more useful and usable. We delete our web logs at least monthly, which means the fact your IP address is identified on the web server will be eliminated at that time. So, each time you connect to our web site, that information is retained for up to a month and then deleted.

We do not use cookies to track you or to collect personally identifying information.

No Disclosure of Information
Because we do not collect information about you, this also means that we will not sell or give away any information about you. As a general requirement of law, we will respond to documents in a legal proceeding, such as court orders or subpoenas, if we receive any. However, unless you decide to send us personal information in email that you want us to save, we will not have any personal information about you.

Other Sites
We have no control over the privacy of web sites that are not our own, which might be linked to from this web site. We reference other web sites that you may wish to visit, but be aware that this Privacy Policy does not apply beyond this site.

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